Research & Focus Groups

Market Research

The benefits of market research is the ability to explore and improve brand connection.

Market research is a brand value investment, that is the investment in the initial process for long term financial and brand gain.

Research of creative advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns to test your key messaging on different audiences and segmentations.

Product testing and brand activation with direct access to communities and business owners in all economic and socio-economic sectors.

Develop market and segment attractiveness, along with the feasibility for forecasting, market drivers and key performance indicators.

Create a value chain profile channel, supply chain and route-to-market analysis along with SWOT analysis of market such as size and potential for growth driver.

Focus Groups 

We are the connection between community directly to your brand with the ability to gather people from all socio-economic segments to create one voice.

With our qualified research team we will tailor a specific project to your brands objectives and provide you a detailed research result for your project.

Providing a complete end to end service of focus groups transcript result delivered in both video and research reports.

Competitor Research

Let us create methods and opportunities to help you develop competitive advantages. 

Develop a strategy and action plan to help you compete in your landscape and know your brands segmentation.

Build insights and full audit of competitor positioning, strengths and weaknesses with examination of all offerings ensuring we create a fit to the customer or segment needs.

Quality and performance tracking of brands competition.

Customer Research

Develop a strategy and action plan to help you defining the ultimate customer experience for your product and services success.

Create a brand value definition for customer acquisition and maintenance strategies.

Integrate customer voice and your competencies into unique selling propositions and strengthen competitive positions.

Value driver analysis by identifying the market matrix and segment portfolio for success with customer segmentation and prioritization of their needs.

Strategies for customer profile and pursuit with conversation strategies amoung target segments.