Alchemy Sales Strategy

Alchemy Sales Direction

Sales is a delicate art form that is only mastered by some.

Our chief alchemists are willing to share their extensive knowledge to build a sales  infrastructure which delivers results.

As a sales professional you are 100% measurable, sales is about accountability but most of all sales is about perceptions…

We will share with you our vast knowledge to this elusive art form and create a solid vision with our expertise in the following key sales areas.

Business English and Portuguese Sales workshops specialising in concept and proposal writing

A   –  Art of Sales

L   –  Listening is sales

C  –  Collaboration delivering results

H  –  Handling objections

E   –  Essential elements for success

M  –  Monetise the value pitch

Y    –  Yielding results 

Sales Training & International Business Relations

We specialise in international business negotiations preparation for the following areas:

Business english specialising in concept and proposal writing

Events and specific meetings intensive preparation

Strategy and proposal presentation

Sales presentation skills training for individuals and large teams

Branding & Strategy Workshops

We have the ability to penetrate and explore your brand…what it is to you but who will it be to them?

Let’s take an alchemistic approach to your products essence and then build a future that is acknowledgeable, because after all is that not what a brand is all about?

Start-Up specialising in strategy and sustainable mapping systems for brand growth.

Alchemy just let the magic happen…